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ECS' Patented Directional Analysis Removes False Defects for Web Inspection in Harsh Environments

In Q1 of 2016, ECS was brought in to improve the Process Monitoring camera system on one of Georgia Pacific’s tissue machine, as well as design a custom web inspection solution around the improvements being made to their dry-end. Foils were being added to cover as many open-draws as possible along the sheet path, leaving no area to place a web inspection beam except for above the reel.

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Ease of Use: Get More from Your Camera-based Troubleshooting System through Your Operators

Surprisingly, one of biggest complaints from asset leaders of manufacturing processes that use camera-based troubleshooting systems is operator acceptance. It's not the lack of advanced features, resolution, frame rate, cost or implementation, but instead the simple fact that operators do not engage with this type of technology unless they absolutely have to. Furthermore, the use of the technology is not consistent across the operator teams.

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