International Paper in Savannah

ECS was awarded the contract to supply a 22 camera system on the PM 8 board machine.  Both event capture and integrated web inspection are included.  This solution will combine several technologies developed by ECS to provide outstanding resolution on this  large 340” wide machine.  One of the bigger challenges for web monitoring camera systems on brown board is delivering high value resolution across the entire sheet in hostile wetend environments.  ECS will be using a new generation of LED technology that generates hundreds of thousands of lumens of light to each monitoring position.  This amount of light energy allows the camera to operate at optimum settings to deliver high contrast, high depth of field and high stop action clarity.    The better the operators can see sheet conditions and process disruptions – the better the ability to understand reasons for downtime or pinpoint problems before sheet breaks occur.   Web inspection at the reel with roll map reporting and defect alarming compliment the upstream event capture cameras so issues that might pass to the winder can be identified, tracked and eliminated. Future expansions for this installation and others that are similar include installing the ECS IMDR (Inspect, Mark, Database and Read) Technology that tracks defect and process data from the parent machine through all value add processes.

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