frequently asked questions

What is your cancellation policy?

In the event that a scheduled service visit needs to be cancelled or rescheduled, all requests must be made by contacting the Service Manager at 704-625-8812 ext. 202. It is the responsibility of the site receiving service to ensure ECS has received the cancellation or rescheduling request.

All service visits are considered final when a PO is issued.

All cancellations and reschedules will be assessed a fee based on time and cost as necessary.

Rescheduling on Behalf of ECS:

In the event that ECS needs to reschedule a service visit, the service manager will reach out to the primary point of contact to communicate what has happened, and what will need to happen to fulfill the agreement.

How do I make a quote request?

There are many ways to make a quote request. You can either:

  1. Use our Quote Request Form

  2. Email your request to

  3. Talk to your ECS Contact

Do you have training classes for technicians?

Yes, we do have mill-specific training available. We host an Advanced Training Class once a season to refresh those who want to be proficient with ECS Software.

If you are interested in signing up for our next Advanced Training Class, click on the button and fill out the form.