On-Machine Component Upgrades

ECS offers a full line of machine hardware that can be used to upgrade and expand both ECS installations and existing systems not from ECS.  A system is only as good as its weakest link and quite often upgrading paper machine components present acceptable low cost opportunities with outstanding benefits.

Problems include:

  1. Lights and cameras enclosures that do not stay clean = poor resolution
  2. Lights are too big or produce unwanted heat
  3. Lights that do not produce enough lumens to support optimum camera settings (shutter speed, depth of field, contrast and overall clarity) = poor resolution
  4. Camera enclosures that are too big to fit in preferred locations
  5. Difficult to rapidly move camera and light assets to new problem areas

Solutions include:

  1. Upgrade to LED lighting and GigE or Analog based camera systems
    a. See section on LED
    b. LED lights do not require air for cooling but air can be applied to the LED enclosure for cleaning
  2. Upgrade the camera enclosure to include better cleaning methods
  3. Upgrade to GigE Cameras with a GigE Ethernet Backbone
  4. Add a wireless camera as a standalone camera to any system or part of a permanent ECS system

Please contact ECS to inquire on the following parts. ECS is based in Charlotte, NC and carries a large stock of both analog and GigE system parts. Same day shipping with next day delivery can be easily accommodated.

  1. LED lights
    a. ECS currently offers over 34 models of LED lights in all sizes and output. These include small form factor micro LED (insertion), cross direction beam and 150 and 400 watt HID replacement systems
    b. These LED’s are applicable to both GigE and Analog based camera systems
  2. ECS Machine Mounting Systems
    a. Standard 316 Stainless Steel
    b. Small form factor Aluminum
  3. Camera Enclosures for analog and GigE systems
    a. Stainless Steel
    b. Anodized Aluminum
  4. Spare Parts
    a. HID Bulbs
    b. HID Ballasts
    c. Analog Cameras
    d. GigE Cameras
    e. Lenses
  5. Retool existing on-machine components
    a. Refurbish existing enclosures to new cleaning and camera signal technology