Overall Equipment Effectiveness

(OEE) and Event Capture Systems (ECS)

Overall Equipment Effectiveness, often shortened to OEE, is a method of measuring the effectiveness of a particular manufacturing operation.  OEE is at the heart of what we do at Event Capture Systems (ECS), as our equipment captures moments when equipment fails to reach peak performance.

When you understand the purpose of Overall Equipment Effectiveness, you understand the value that Event Capture Systems brings to a manufacturing concern. Since the purpose of ascertaining OEE rests on improving operational performance, it’s easy to then comprehend that the ability to see where adverse events occur a particular process is of utmost importance to engineering teams.

When a manufacturer’s engineers are able to see the exact causes of malfunction during a process—and see them with clarity and precision—they are able to make the key fixes needed to optimize the process for future shifts.  Thus, our equipment at Event Capture Systems has become a must-have for engineering teams in a variety of industries, as we place these teams on an optimal path to problem-solving for the sake of Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

Event Capture Systems equipment plays a vital role in the multiple components that determine Overall Equipment Effectiveness.  Our cameras capture the events that affect availability, also known as uptime. We also help companies to visualize issues that hamper performance, defined as whether or not the operation is running at its designed speed. Finally, Event Capture Systems is pivotal in helping our clients address issues of quality, empowering them to see the moments when good units are sacrificed.

Our equipment facilitates an action plan we call Total Process QC.  Event Capture Systems uses Total Process QC to increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness by tracking the process characteristics from the primary asset through value add converting.  Our process includes generating a web inspection defect roll map for review and downstream machine control, as well as time stamping (sheet mark) the product during manufacturing.  When engineers read the mark at converting to provide proactive information on sheet quality, they are able to then correlate any process variable by time stamp from primary asset through converting.

The beauty of modern technology is that Overall Equipment Effectiveness event capture needs can be met with a variety of solutions.  At Event Capture Systems, we feature options ranging from single camera to a network of mobile camera stations.  We offer the best tools for solving randomly occurring problems—solutions that are user-friendly, flexible, mobile and cost-effective.

Solutions include an intuitive touchscreen user experience on our console carts. Point-to-point wireless networking enables remote access to mobile systems. We can easily expand user systems without added backbone costs. Laptop-based systems facilitate traveling troubleshooting teams. And our rugged modular recording units stand ready for self-contained deployment into the manufacturing process.

Our tools enable both inspection and defect detection—see what’s going right, and more importantly, what’s going wrong. Get actionable data and identify trends for focused troubleshooting—that’s what getting more uptime is all about, achieving Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) with Event Capture Systems.  ECS is uptime by design.