ECS Pinhole Technologies

Solutions that provide camera clarity in hostile environments are mission critical for sheet break and web inspection solutions. Pinhole lenses are one proactive (vs. re-actively cleaning the camera enclosure lens with a wiper/water) option that embeds the small lens in a jet of extinguishing pressurized air from the enclosure. This small but forceful jet of air protects the pinhole lens from debris buildup. However, the smaller size of the lens and general quality of the optics will contribute to critical image quality loss.

ECS has developed a custom solution for pinhole lens that provides all the advantages of the proactive cleaning design without the image quality loss. This technology is also available to match large format CMOS camera chipsets.

The combination of ECS Patent Pending IR and White LED technology coupled with Smart Flex onboard compression high resolution cameras with custom pinhole optics gives the papermaker the highest resolution possible.