Web Inspection

Inspection and defect detection. Get actionable data and identify trends for focused troubleshooting.

Event Capture

Web Monitoring systems get to the root of the problem faster than ever before. Review, annotate, and communicate issues in perfect clarity.

Total Process QC

Increase the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by tracking process characteristics from the primary asset through value add converting.

Process Monitoring

Increased awareness of your surroundings has never been so easy with process monitoring.

Mobile Solutions

From single camera to a network of mobile camera stations; these technologies offer the best tools for solving randomly occurring problems.

Service & Support

We pledge to provide an exceptional service experience to every ECS client.

ECS Mission Statement

We are a software company that designs, builds and installs camera based quality controls systems to increase process OEE (overall equipment efficiency).

Event Capture Systems, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of video event capture software solutions for the paper, packaging and related converting industries.

In the early 1990’s, Event Capture Systems, Inc. developed the foundation for video event capture technology and brought the first digital based event capture solution to market. With over 450 installations worldwide, our customers include some of the world’s most recognizable paper and packaging manufacturers.

Event Capture Systems, Inc. solutions provide real-time image processing tools to determine product quality and reduce manufacturing downtime.  From machine wide multi camera systems, to single camera mobile units, we are constantly innovating to bring you the best technology, software, and customer experience in the industry.

ECS Headquarters in Mint Hill, NC