Tesla Motors to use ECS high speed cameras

ECS has sold a two camera high speed Event Capture System to Tesla Motors.  The configuration is our Teyetan series that utilizes a self-contained MRU (Modular Recording Unit) to process the camera and playback functions.  The mobile MRU has a quick release attachment to a mobile cart that allows the MRU to be removed from the cart and used inside manufacturing processes.  Any laptop can be used to review and control the system with the built in MRU wireless access point.  The ECS touch screen interface on the mobile cart creates a user interface operators can immediately understand as control functions are similar to any common mobile device.  The software also incorporates a seamless interaction between live video and review (called the LSP module – Live, Stop, Play).   The ability to instantly shift between live video, synchronized review video and scrub extended video buffer is a critical operator feature.

The ease of use, ability to capture high resolution/high frame rate video and flexibility of how the unit is deployed makes the Teyetan family of solutions an easy choice as a tool to increase manufacturing process OEE.