Breakthrough the Gigabit Resolution Barrier


Combine multiple camera standards into one platform


Backwards compatible to existing Gb Ethernet backbones


Off-the-shelf hardware


Smart Flex cameras maintain every pixel captured by compressing data before it enters the 1Gb backbone--ensuring that all the pixels make it to your monitors

Smart Flex allows you to review data in extreme resolution with an innovative operator interface, designed to help operators see faster and better than ever

Remove all resolution barriers with Smart Flex without having to update your current infrastucture

ECS Smart Flex uses solid state hardware (FPGA) at the camera to compress before sending the data through the backbone

Current off-the-shelf models can process up to 8 million pixels at 60 FPS and pixel count continues to increase with new technologies

• Use ECS Smart Flex cameras in your current infrastructure alongside your old ones. You can plug any camera standard into one platform