ECS Software

The ECS software suites (ECS View™ and RetroSpek™) are designed for the factory floor – not the laboratory. Our solutions are designed to be used from operators on the production floor through upper level management.

RetroSpek Touch Screen

All features used for full motion event analysis are shown to the operator in a single screen software interface. This can be used for single and multiple camera applications. RetroSpek is a touch screen application that is designed to be used with little to no training from the operator while still including a full set of basic and advanced software features.

ECS View

ECS View™ is a multiple screen interface that is designed to offer the fullest set of basic and advanced software features of any web monitoring/web inspection and packaging event analysis system available today.

Example software modules include:

  • Fully Integrated Web Inspection
  • SQL and/or Excel Data Export Package
  • Customized PIMS or OPC Server/Client Modules
  • Multiple Defect Classification (Pattern Matching)
  • Process Fault or Anomaly via Video Trending Analysis
    • Example – repetitive motion center-lining
  • Process Fault or Anomaly via Image Analysis
    • Example – web quality control